Civil Litigation

Ulhôa Canto represents its clients in civil, succession, commercial, consumer and administrative disputes. The firm operates in judicial and administrative procedures, as well as in negotiations and in the drafting of notifications. Additionally, the firm offers consultancy services in litigious matters, notably by evaluating success rates in potential or installed litigations, assessing risks in activities and business and providing possible strategies, thesis and specific solutions to each case.

The firm represents its clients before all Brazilian courts, including the Superior Court of Justice and the Federal Supreme Court, in which has already obtained significant rulings in favor of its clients. Moreover, it works in partnership with foreign lawyers in proceedings that demand the filing of lawsuits in foreign courts.

The firm assists its clients in the following matters, among others:

  • Controversies regarding the interpretation, enforceability, revision, validity and term of contracts;
  • Credit related claims, including collection actions, executions, judicial recovery and bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Civil liability of individuals and the State;
  • Conflicts related to succession and wills;
  • Disputes regarding shareholders’ meetings and corporate transactions;
  • Real Estate disputes, including expropriation actions, repossession lawsuits, eviction and renewal of lease contracts;
  • Impugnation and protection of ongoing deeds and public bidding;
  • Allegations of violation of collective rights, including in civil inquiries, class actions, collective actions and public actions; and
  • Judicial and administrative defense against sanctions applied by public entities and organizations and against administrative acts in general.