Infrastructure and Project Finance

The team is highly knowledgeable in this field and stands out in the market for its expertise in the transport and infrastructure projects.Chambers Latin America

Ulhôa Canto’s Infrastructure and Project Finance practice is much diversified. We have contributed to the development of several infrastructure projects in Brazil and abroad, with emphasis on transportation and logistics (rail, subway and light rail vehicles networks), steel (renovation and expansion of industrial plants), power (implementation of hydroelectric, wind and biomass-fired power plants and transmission lines), sanitation (facilities for the treatment of industrial waste), oil and gas (supply of modules for platforms and gas compression of pipelines), telecommunications (launching of satellites and telecommunication networks) and civil construction (industrial facilities of many different segments).

With broad experience assisting financing agents, lenders and borrowers, Ulhôa Canto is recognized for the implementation of infrastructure projects across a wide range of industries, such as oil and gas, telecommunications, power, petrochemicals, transportation, mining and steel.

In the Infrastructure and Project Finance practice, Ulhôa Canto provides assistance in the following matters, among others:

  • Legal assistance in structuring loans in the domestic and overseas credit markets;
  • Document analysis and advice regarding all legal aspects of projects and transactions, including corporate, foreign exchange, and tax matters;
  • Negotiation of all legal instruments before private and state-owned financial institutions, both in Brazil and abroad, as well as lenders and borrowers;
  • Structuring of collateral packages and drafting or revising of collateral  agreements (mortgage, pledge, security deposits, chattel mortgages, among others);
  • Preparation of all legal instruments in connection with the implementation and operation of facilities, including Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) agreements, Operation and Maintenance (O&M) agreements, and others related to specific activities such as Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) in the power sector.