Ulhôa Canto has a broad acquaintance and experience in privatization projects of basic sanitation companies, outsourcing of water caption, treatment and definite disposal of industrial residues services, and in public-private partnerships. In the sanitation sector, Ulhôa Canto acts in the following matters, among others:

  • Advisory services in regulatory, corporate, environmental, contractual, and tax issues specific to the sector, including the examination of transfer of equity control transactions and corporate reorganizations;
  • Guidance and representation before regulatory agencies and other competent entities;
  • Representation in public bids and in procedures regarding the grating of concessions, permits, and use of assets and public services authorizations;
  • Negotiation of concession agreements and their respective amendments, in particular as a consequence of the review of fees and targets and maintenance of a contractual business and financial equation;
  • Legal assistance in the development of public-private partnerships for the implementation of sanitation projects;
  • Guidance in credit transactions with domestic, international, and multilateral bodies;
  • Administrative and court proceedings; and
  • Legal assistance on the development of the legislation of the sector and the definition of the regulatory framework.